Bed and breakfast

Our big building allows us to propose five comfortable and spacious guest rooms, two at the ground floor and three in the floor. We particularly looked after the decoration which is inspired, often, it’s true… by hot-air balloons and by aerial views of the region.


The rotunda room:
The first room by arriving gives directly in the park; as its walls are rounded off and that the room is in semicircle we called it the Rotunda. Its dominant colors are soft green and yellow and the tiled floor but you’d rather see in these pictures.

The family room:
By entering by the reception, it is the Family room which occupies the biggest space with two separate rooms, one for the parents, the other one with two twin beds. The size of this room involved to place the bathroom and toilets just opposite. A sofa allows you to have a relaxation’s place within the room.


The Marine room:
Our smallest room is also at the ground floor, with its big window in the shape of porthole giving on the sea… no: on wood! It is the marine room.

The Fushia Room
In the floor, the vast fuchsia room, with its small lounge, its view on the swimming pool and the other windows on wood. It contains a vast bathroom with a big shower in the colors of the hot air balloon.

The blue room
On the same landing another double room, the blue room, up to the parquet of the same color… Smaller but so comfortable, with bathroom and adjacent but separate toilets, in addition…

The Mandarin room
And finally our mandarin small family room, consisted of a double bed and a single bed. This bedroom is spacious enough to welcome easily three persons. Bathroom and adjacent toilets. View on swimming pool and view on wood will charm you just as much.


“our brigade constituted by five persons will assure you slightest desires and the complete household twice a day”…well…we have to admit…it’s not true…

In each of the room, we spend every morning to do the household (empty the trash can, put back some paper, vacuum). It’s up to you to make your bed. We change hand towels every four days and sheets every end of the weeks.

After the quality of the welcome, in most people’s opinion, it’s the table d’hôtes which is worth to us their votes.

First of all because this table can contain numerous and merry dinner guests, and the good atmosphere is always here after our traditional presentation of each.

The dinner, served every evening, at 8pm, turns out to be an invaluable moment for diverse and varied exchange and reports of tourist visits. Then because our cooking, strong of ten years of quercynoise experiment of the chef, leave unmoved none, and assure us, every year, an attendance superior to the previous one.

After the presentation of the hosts, comes the presentation of the menu by Thierry. A toast is carried in honor of all the participants, with the aperitif, elaborated by Sylvie, according to her inspiration.


Our menus are different every day
All in all it’s 18 menus which “turn” – and contain each a regional speciality; of course, the duck, in the form of crystallized thighs, of muffs, of aiguillettes, of crystallized gizzards and of some famous foie gras, served on gingerbread and accompagnied with apples cooked in the cinnamon!

But the regional products don’t limit themselves to the duck, you will also savour the leg of lamb of Quercy with the hearts of artichokes, mushrooms and pickling onions. The melon of Quercy finds its place of honor, served as starter with the cured ham and the prunes. We also present the cabécou cheese, fresh or cooked in the oven, in the heart of an avocado…Hey yes, we try to surprise you!

As formely, the Lot being lined with hundred-year-old walnuts, we realize, according to a recipe jealousy kept by the greatest chefs of the southwest, delicious walnut tart. 3

Our cooking is the happy marriage of the tradition and the creativity. And, besides, we serve you only home-made meals.

Le bois Noir - 46090 Vers
Tel : 05 65 31 44 50

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